Feb 13 2012

Website Management


Do you need website Management? If so what are the benefits to your organization. Even companies with very simple websites come to the realization that having access to a web expert with an email or  phone call can be invaluable.

Disadvantages From A Lack Of Website Management

Have you ever researched a company online? Of course you have, this is how most research is done now. You have also probably  dismissed a company based on it's websites unprofessional appearance, website errors or difficulty navigating. We call this the website bounce rate (percentage of people who only view one page and leave). The higher your website bounce rate the worse off you are. This is usually a strong indicator of web design/content issues.

If a web user cannot find what they are looking for within the first minute on a website they usually back out and return to their original search results (think of your own behavior). In online and offline marketing, there is a saying "perception is reality". This is why having an amateur webdesign can hurt your other branding efforts.  We study the latest trends in web technology as well as UX (User Experience) and apply them to our designs.

Benefits of Website Management

Website Management helps you and your organization stay focused on your core business. We worry about your website so you don't have to. It's like having a expert webmaster working for your company without the webmaster salary, benefits, vacation pay etc. You only pay for the services you want. Maybe you simply want a professional design with an easy to use customized content management system (CMS) and plan on handling the content updates in house. On the other hand you may want to focus on your core business and not have to worry about your website. We can handle all of your security updates, content management, email management, employee access etc.

Benefits to you include:

  • One stop shop (Design, Development,  Management)
  • Reduced cost (not having to pay salary and benefits for webmaster)
  • Easy, intuitive content creation and updating
  • Manage and use media such as photos, embedded videos, downloads like presentations and pdfs
  • Access to web expertise
  • Peace of mind knowing your site will be backed up with security updates and monitoring
  • Custom CMS to allow for employees to easily update website
  • Scales from low to high demand, from a small single site to large site including high traffic multi servers
  • Can use external authentication such as LDAP

Whether you're a sole proprietor or a multi site, multi national corporation. See how we can help your organization by requesting a free no obligation quote. It only takes a minute...what are you waiting for? Request a Quote

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