ECMG Nuclear Services View project

ECMG Nuclear Services

ECMG Nuclear Services is an international nuclear engineering firm. They wanted a website to convey the professionalism of their company. ECMG wanted something different such as a unique menu and subtle page transitions. In addition to this they needed new logo. We provided a logo that conveyed the company image they wanted. ECMG are experts in the Nuclear industry and don't have the time to worry about managing a website. We built a custom CMS for them to allow them to update the pages they wanted access to and whenever they would like a graphic created or function added they contact us.

ECMG Web App View project

ECMG Web App

Our client ECMG wanted to include an educational history of Nuclear energy somehow on their website. It was decided that an animated timeline app was the solution. We recommended a non-flash solution that will function on iPhones and iPads. We researched and provided the graphics and text for the historic material allowing ECMG to remain focused on their business. The result was an educational and interactive scrollable timeline that was available across multiple platforms and operating systems using the latest in web technology programming.

Burn Fitness 24/7 View project

Burn Fitness 24/7

The Burn Fitness website is a self managed design. They contacted Bonds Website Management and stated that they needed a professional web design in a hurry and had a limited budget. We worked with them, within their budget, to fulfill their requests. The requests included a professional web design, homepage slide show and contact form. We also created, edited and re-sized all of the images on the slide. We customized the content management system how they wanted it. This allowed for easy updating of text and images.